Customer Features

This e-commerce portal will enable your customers to do the following

  • Register and become a member of the site
  • Search products of their interest
  • Select the products of their choice
  • Add those products to shopping cart
  • Check the total invoice amount
  • Pay the invoice amount using PayPal/Credit Card
  • Purchase products online
  • Choose the preferred mode of shipping
  • Take a print of their invoice
  • Info on Cash On Delivery
  • Email invoice to their account
Site Owner Capabilities

This e-commerce portal will enable the site owner / admin to do the following

  • Register and become the Administrator
  • Add latest products on a daily basis
  • Modify the product description / price / photographs
  • Edit/modify/add unlimited web pages and create links
  • Create or Update latest news and product/seasonal/festival offers
  • Get e-mail notification on every purchase made online
  • Update latest news online
  • Approve or disapprove the customer registrations
  • Check the customer log and invoice log
  • Download the sales report in excel format
  • Change the terms and policy details
  • Take a report on daily sales
  • Print or Email the basic reports
General Features

  • Domain + Hosting + 5 Emails + DB
  • Website design up to 10 pages
  • One Mock-up template based on the Website Design Questionnaire
  • (Iterations – 2 Sets of Iterations Free)
  • BANNER ANIMATION on home page to highlight your product and services
  • Consistent inner page designs based on the page content
  • Conceptual Banner designs for each page
  • INQUIRY FORM for visitors to leave a message on your email

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