Live Webcast

Live Webcast
Live Webcast

A live webcast means taking the media and broadcasting it in real time over the Internet.
With the advent of high end streaming media technology, the concept of doing live/on-demand webcast has gained popularity like never before. Webcasting an event allows you to extend the reach of your event to all corners of the world, with no limitations of physical or geographical boundaries.
We do live broadcasting of video and audio via the Internet or Intranet.
Our on demand streaming helps you to watch or listen the webcasting later for anyone who missed the live broadcast. With our experienced engineer and high end hardware we deliver non buffering webcasting or webinar. We also provide Web Tv Portal like Youtube.

01 Graduation Ceremonies
02 Lectures
03 Seminars & Conferences
04 Weddings
05 Annual General Meetings
06 Sports Events
07 Church & Workshops
08 Fashion Shows
09 Dance & Music
10 Official Meetings
11 TV Shows

Live Webcast integrated with Website -LIVE MEDIA SERVER

High End Live Streaming:

  • Pc & Laptop
  • Mobile
  • Ipad
  • Direct webcast

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