School Management

School Management
School Management

Easy School Management Software Smart School Concepts developed by the Archer Websol to manage day to day school operations easily and efficiently. Its primary aim is to automate all activities related to school. Easy School Management Software Smart School Concepts developed by the Archer Websol to manage day to day school operations easily and efficiently. Its primary aim is to automate all activities related to school.

The software is designed to assist teachers in keeping a track of all kinds of student and teaching related activities. That not all, the software also provides access to parents and students as well to check their academic performance, results and learn about upcoming curricular events to be help in the school.

The best thing about Smart School Concepts is that it is a user friendly synchronized software application which can be used by anyone related to a school. You don't have to be a computer expert to use this software. Its user interface is so simple to use and navigate that everyone can operate it without any troubles. Being one of its kind, Smart School Concepts, is a unique concept, which is basically a sharing experience which helps distribute real knowledge and awareness to parents and teachers about their children's activities. More...

This innovative software is a Web Application. The Web Application makes it easier for the school staff to handle different student related activities systematically. Teachers can mark student's attendance using the software, can manage their academic results, fees information and other curricular activities without any hassles. The Web Application is designed to update parents as well as students on the current educational system and their performance in the subjects.

The motive behind this software is to provide ease of access and desired information to both teachers and parents so that they can assist in mental development of their children and keep a check on their performances.

Advancing internet technology has constructively affected every sphere and area, making it easier for people to interact quickly and enjoy greater access online. Gone are the days when school teachers used to maintain attendance register and reports of the students manually. Now everything can be stored online.Computers have provided us with enough advantage of storing heaps of data on it.

Successcer Technologies has used the internet technology to develop a school/college management software. Now with just a single entry and click of a mouse you can update entire records. You can cross check previous month's information of every student like his attendance, fees, performance, results etc in matter of seconds thereby saving yourself from fluttering pages of several registers.

The concept behind Smart School Concepts is to help students follow activities, curriculum and study material of leading academic institutions and improvise themselves by emulating a successful educational method. Smart School Concepts is trusted and well tested software can be used in schools, colleges, degree colleges, engineering colleges, diploma colleges, law colleges, nursing colleges, B. ED colleges, polytechnic colleges, dental colleges, play way schools, nursery schools, library management, and other educational institutes.

Smart School Concepts FEATURES :

Why is Smart School Concepts better than other products in the market?The features of the software make it stand apart from similar concept based software's in the market. Its amazing features not just make it easier for the teachers to track the performance and development of all students but allow the parents to check the same right from their home. Some of the innovative Features of Smart School Concepts are

  • True windows based software.
  • Multi-Tasking Interface (Open and work with multiple windows at same time).
  • Very easy to use.
  • Almost zero training required.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Foolproof security.
  • A way to fill Communication gap.
  • Largest number of features available.
  • Time tested, error free, and proved quality.
  • Created and supported by Good technical Knowledge Background Company.
  • Ontime & every time customer support through email, phone, online.
  • Complete reporting for student Info, Fee, Attendance, Examination.
  • We can also customize or add new modules according to your requirements.
  • Online Reports of every Module.
  • Dynamic website Interlinked with Software.

Modules Available in Smart School Concepts

  • Admission Module
  • Student Info Module
  • Fees collection Module
  • Marks Module
  • Attendance Moudle
  • Online Exams Module
  • Online Quize Module many more

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